What is your approach when we contact your company for any product or services?

We will held workshops with your company to brief you about our products and services you are interested in with a demo if required

What is your solution delivery approach for Dynamics 365 AI apps

After the initial demo, we gather your data – from all systems CRM and otherwise. We then input it in the AI app you are interested in to show you the outcome and insights it has generated to evaluate the benefits. On confirming your interest, we will carry out deployment in production

Can I use Dynamics 365 AI apps if my CRM is on other platform?

Yes. It is not necessary that the input source of data is Microsoft CRM only. We have external connectors which can pull data from various systems like Salesforce, Oracle etc to show AI insights on power platform or any custom UI

Will my data be safe?

Frissontek Solutions will not disclose or transfer your personal information or data to any third parties except as outlined in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to disclose or transfer your personal information under the following conditions; we have your consent to do so or if we believe that it is necessary to do so in order to comply with the law, legal processes, or authorities

What is your solution approach for custom AI app for domain specific use cases